Transportation of bulk liquids

Transportation of bulk liquids

FESCO provides services on transportation of a whole range of non-hazardous bulk liquids in flexitanks, including “door-to-door” transportations.

About the service

In its work with bulk liquids FESCO uses flexitank transportation technology. It is an economical alternative to standard tank containers. A leak-proof tank liner allows to preserve quality of the product as well as possible, and the possibility to send bulk liquids in a standard container reduces transit time.

We transport the following types of cargo:

  • Molasses;
  • Vegetable oils;
  • Mineral oils;
  • Lubricating fluids;
  • Soluble paints;
  • Detergents and household chemicals;
  • Concentrates and extracts;
  • Wine and grape must;
  • Food products;
  • Other.

Geography of transportations

Advantages of FESCO

  • Small shipments
    Use of flexitanks makes it possible to transport bulk liquids in small batches
  • Ergonomics
    Quick installation and easy disposal of a tank liner
  • Wide geography of delivery
    Flexitanks are received and shipped by container terminals all over the world
  • Cargo safety
    Technology of delivery without reloading preserves the original volume and quality of cargo

Advantages of transportation in flexitanks

Always clean and ready containers

Use of flexitanks eliminates cost of cleaning, preparation, transportation and delivery of empty containers.

Neutral material

Material of the liner does not affect the transported product and makes it possible to store a whole range of goods in a flexitank.


A flexitank has small dimensions and is easily disposed of, which makes the process of loading and unloading cargo much faster.

Leak-proof packaging

Transportations in flexitanks do not call for reloading. A container liner preserves the original quality and quantity of cargo.

Easy to use

The weight of a flexitank does not exceed 50 kg and its installation does not require any special qualifications.

Full loading with a product

A flexitank helps to fill the container space with goods as much as possible and to reduce transportation costs.

Preparation of a flexitank

What types of works are carried out to prepare a container with a flexitank for loading and transportation?
  • The container is cleaned and covered with cardboard/fiberboard/styrofoam to reduce friction of the liner against metal;
  • A flexitank is straightened inside the container, the valve should be located on the side of the door;
  • A flexitank is filled with transported cargo and the valve is closed; the filling time is from 30 minutes to 1 hour;
  • The container is sealed and sent for loading.

Technology of intermodal transportation of bulk liquids with FESCO

Delivery of an empty container with a flexitank to the customer.
Transportation of a full container to the station/port of dispatch.
Transportation of cargo by rail/sea to the place of destination.
Transportation of cargo by rail/sea to the place of destination.

FESCO capabilities

  • 30 +
    ships in operation
  • >170000 TEU
    TEU in the container park
  • >250
    voyages per year
  • 4
    terminals and Commercial Port of Vladivostok in possession
  • >110
    ports of call all over the world
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