Supply of goods to Northern Russia

Supply of goods to Northern Russia

FESCO Transportation Group participates in state programs to supply alimentary products, fuel and lubricants for heating, various equipment to Far North areas, as well as to hard-to-reach areas of Siberia and Far East.

About the service

Every year, the so-called Northern delivery of vital goods is arranged to the territory of the Far North, as well as to remote areas of Siberia and the Far East, on the eve of the winter season. This is a state program aimed at providing distant regions of the country with food, fuel and lubricants necessary for heating, and various types of equipment.

Cargo delivery to the Chukotka autonomous region, Kamchatka territory and other regions of the Far North is complicated by climatic geographical and infrastructure conditions and is only possible during limited period of navigation – from may to December (the delivery period depends on weather conditions).

FESCO has ice-class ships that allow participating in the Northern delivery program.

Delivery regions:

  • Magadan
  • Anadyr
  • Egvekinot
  • Kamchatka

In 2016, during the summer navigation in the Eastern Arctic, FESCO ships delivered 78 tonnes of cargo to and picked up 67 tonnes from ports and points of Chukotka and SNR. 

In 2017, the company delivered to the Far North 21,000 tonnes of cargoes.  

In 2018, – 157 000 tonnes including 18,000 tonnes to Magadan, almost 30,000 tonnes to ports of Chukotka and over 110,000 tonnes of food products, consumer goods, motor equipment and fuel (including coal) to Kamchatka.  

In 2019, on the Vladivostol – Anadyr – Egvekinot – Vladivostok, FESCO transported 52,000 tonnes of various cargoes, including food products, consumer goods, motor equipment and fuel.

General and container cargoes (dry/refrigerated) are delivered to the Chukotka autonomous district by sea coastal lines (from port to port) and by direct rail and water communication through FESCO Anadyr Direct Line (FADL).

Route of the sea line:

Vladivostok — Anadyr — Egvekinot — Vladivostok 
Time in transit – 9 days (from June to October) 

Navigation is performed by:  

  • Container cargo
  • General cargo
  • Dangerous cargo
  • Refrigerated cargo
  • Bulky cargo


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